Welcome to Refab Apparel: All Recycled, All Handmade!

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Don't despair!  We're just getting started.  Stay tuned for photos, articles, recycling info and how to guides for your own recycling projects!
Refab is a green apparel company started by Dawn Patel in the fall of 2007, part of an attempt to create afforadable green clothing that is hip and artistic.
Each article of Refab clothing is one of a kind and handmade, and contains vintage and recycled materials!

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                          Fashion Fundraiser: A Refabulous night!!

Thursady night was a great success!  We raised money for Green Bay's Golden House and everyone had fun doing it!  Thanks to the models for all their hard work and great energy.
Many of the outfits will be posted for sale on etsy in the upcoming weeks, so if you saw something you liked, check out the etsy shop, www.refab.etsy.com.
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